An AI-powered system made to manage any lead

Our platform is designed to effortlessly handle and nurture leads, revolutionizing how businesses operate. Say goodbye to traditional hiring and streamline your lead management with our friendly AI assistant.

AI Powered Lead Management System

Available 24/7

Ensure round-the-clock availability. Our AI assistant responds to calls, texts, and online inquiries 24/7, keeping your business always connected.

No hiring or training

Enjoy effortless AI integration with no need for hiring or training staff – a seamless, cost-effective solution for your business.

Reduce labor costs

Revolutionize your business with our AI solutions – significantly reduce labor costs while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

All your KPIs in one place

Effortlessly consolidate and monitor your business metrics with our user-friendly KPI dashboard. Stay informed, make data-based decisions, and drive success—all in one convenient place.

KPI dashboard
Done for you follow up

Done for you follow up

Automate your client follow-ups with our AI assistant, ensuring consistent, timely, and personalized communication that nurtures client relationships and drives lead flow, all without the need for additional staff.

A powerful AI chatbot

Enhance your website with our advanced AI chatbot, designed specifically to convert leads. It engages visitors, answers inquiries, and captures leads 24/7, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction without the need for additional staff.

Our Powerful AI Chatbot

Live transfers

Experience the perfect balance of technology and human touch. Our AI assistant intelligently identifies when a live agent’s expertise is needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer.

Live transfers
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Multiple conversations at one time

Our AI assistant excels at multitasking, effortlessly managing multiple conversations simultaneously. Boost your productivity and responsiveness with the ability to handle numerous calls and interactions at once, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Automatic appointments

Our AI assistant takes care of the legwork by autonomously scheduling appointments with leads. Say goodbye to the hassle of booking – enjoy the convenience of automatic appointments, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals and growing your business effortlessly.

Automatic appointments

Additional Features

Local phone numbers

Gain trust with local phone numbers, connecting you to your community.

Highest text delivery rate

Experience unmatched reliability with our system, ensuring your messages reach their destination.

Human based voices

Our AI assistant mimics a human leads manager, providing the same great quality as a real person.

Scripts designed to convert

Boost your success with meticulously crafted scripts engineered for exceptional conversion rates.

Integrate with your CRM

Send leads directly to your CRM so you never lose track of motivated leads in your pipeline.

Export your data

It's your data, so export it when you need it. One click data export lets you have access to all your leads.