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Leadmate Affiliates earn 15% on all referrals during the first 12 months of their subscription!

How it works

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Sign up

Click the sign up button above to create your free affiliate account

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Get your link

Once your account is created, you’ll get your affiliate link and marketing materials

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Start earning

Place your affiliate link on your promotional materials and start earning!

Monthly payout estimates

Continuously share your affiliate link to earn recurring payouts each and every month. The more you refer, the more you earn. Remember, the money made in software affiliate programs is in the value of a customer (up to 12 months).

MonthCustomer ReferralsMonthly Payout
Month 15$750
Month 210$1,500
Month 315$2,250
1 Year60$9,000

What is Leadmate?

Leadmate is an AI-powered system built to handle all inbound leads. Engagement, follow up, scheduling, live transfers, and KPIs are all included.

Our system answers calls, texts, and a web chatbot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so our users never miss another inbound lead. 

Join our rapidly expanding community and start earning by simply recommending our services to people you know. It’s an easy way to create an extra income stream!

AI Powered Lead Management System

Affiliate dashboard

On your personal dashboard, you can easily track your progress. See how many clicks you’re getting, how much money you’re making, and detailed reports about your performance. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re earning and where it’s coming from. It’s a simple and clear way to keep an eye on your referrals!

Lead Mate Affiliate Dashboard
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Marketing materials

We’ve got everything you need to boost your affiliate earnings, all ready to go! Think cool videos, catchy email texts, and awesome banners. It’s super easy to get started. Just share these tools with everyone you know – like your friends on social media, any coaches you’re in touch with, people who listen to your podcast, and pretty much your whole network. With these materials, growing your affiliate earnings is a breeze!


When someone clicks on your unique link and then subscribes to Leadmate within 60 days, you’ll earn 15% commissions on the referral. If they pay $1,000 per month, you earn $150. The more customers you refer and the longer they use Leadmate, the more you will earn.

In short all 3 of these must be true:

1. Net-30
2. Commissions due exceeds $25
3. First week of the month

Every month, during the first week, we process and pay out all the commissions. To be eligible for a payout, your commission balance must be $25 or more. Also, these commissions are for sign-ups that occurred at least 30 days before.

We welcome everyone to join our affiliate program, especially those who are already using and loving our services. While having experience with Leadmate gives you a unique advantage, it’s not a requirement to become an affiliate. Anyone passionate about our products can join the program and start benefiting from it.

The referral cookie life is 60 days. If someone clicks on an affiliate link and buys within 60 days of the most recent click, the affiliate will receive credit for referring the customer. If they buy after 60 days, the affiliate is not considered to have influenced the purchase, the cookie will expire, and the affiliate will not receive commissions.

Leadmate has four plans: Lite, Pro, Ultra, and Enterprise

Commissions are available on Lite, Pro, and Ultra plans because they are self-serve. All you have to do is refer your link to your audience and recommend they start the free trial. Affiliates will earn 15% recurring commission on every payment made by their referred customer for up to 12 months. The amount of earnings will grow as accounts add more users over time.

The Enterprise Plan is not commissionable because customers must engage with Lead Mate’s sales team to create a custom contract for their company. The Enterprise Plan is best for companies operating in more than 5 markets.

No. As an affiliate of Leadmate, it’s important to understand that self-referrals are not allowed. Our referral program is designed to motivate affiliates and ambassadors to share information about our products with others, not to gain personal discounts. Please remember, trying to earn credit for your own purchases goes against our policy and can lead to the permanent closure of both your affiliate and user accounts. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity and purpose of our referral program.