The Future Of Lead Management Is Finally Here

The only lead management solution that provides an AI assistant that answers calls, texts, schedules appointments, answers chatbot submissions, and follows up 24 hours a day without hiring, motivating or training.

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Increase productivity, while decreasing costs

Elevate productivity and reduce costs with Leadmate’s AI-powered lead management system. Achieve more while spending less.

Live transfers
Done for you follow up
Our Powerful AI Chatbot
Automatic appointments
Handle multiple calls
Live-transfer to your human sales reps

Our AI assistant will seamlessly transfer live calls to your sales representatives, ensuring your reps are talking to the most qualified leads.

Automated follow-up sequences

Never let another lead fall through the cracks with AI-driven, automated follow-up messages, saving time and effort.

AI-Powered Chatbot for your website

Upgrade your website with our friendly, efficient AI assistant – reduce overhead and increase productivity!

Automated appointment scheduling

Streamline your calendar with our AI assistant’s smart, automatic appointment setting – no more manual work needed.

Handles multiple calls and texts simultaneously

Our assistant effortlessly manages several calls and texts at once, saving time and effort for you and your business.

KPI dashboard

Monitor your AI assistant's real-time performance

Elevate your business with our AI assistant and stay in control with our real-time dashboard. Monitor KPIs effortlessly, make data-driven decisions, and drive success. Our dashboard includes:

An all-in-one AI assistant to convert inbound leads

Harness the power of our all-in-one AI lead management system to efficiently handle and convert inbound leads for your business, providing a seamless and responsive solution that ensures no opportunity is missed. Our assistant answers:

Our Powerful AI Chatbot

Exceeding human capability

Experience the capacity of our AI assistant surpassing human performance, delivering exceptional results for your real estate business. Welcome to a new standard of efficiency.

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Available 24/7

Our AI assistant handles calls, texts, and web leads around the clock, 24/7, to provide uninterrupted support for your real estate business.

Never miss an opportunity, day or night.

With Leadmate, your real estate business stays responsive and available around the clock. Maximize your lead flow by never missing another opportunity.

Thank you for calling Leadmate

Trained with
real human voices

Our AI assistant is meticulously trained with the expertise of professional voice actors, ensuring a polished and engaging communication experience for your business.

No more hiring needed with Leadmate

Goodbye hiring

Say goodbye to the painful hiring process with our AI assistant. Streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and ensure 24/7 support without the need for additional staff.

Hello efficiency.
Welcome to a new era of real estate productivity

Embrace the future with us by eliminating the need for traditional hiring, training, and improvement. Welcome to enhanced performance and cost savings.

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Built on high-converting scripts

Our AI assistant is built on proven, high-converting scripts, ensuring effective and persuasive homeowner interactions to convert leads. Say goodbye to hiring, training, and meetings.

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Integrate with your favorite apps

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Leadmate integrates with your favorite tools, streamlining your real estate operations. Seamlessly connect with your favorite CRMs, scheduling software, and phone systems.

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Integrate with your favorite apps

Lead Mate integrates with your favorite tools, streamlining your real estate operations. Seamlessly connect with your favorite CRMs, scheduling software, and phone systems.